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Wildstar financial model feature

wildstar character


Wildstar, together with many other massively multiplayer online role playing game, such as the elder scrolls 


online, is subscription based and has a wildstar gold based in-game economy.


With a $60 box cost, Wildstar players will be immediately credited for 30 days of included game time. And at 


the end of the 30 days, a monthly subscription fee of $15 should be paid for future content development. 


This is the common financial model. But Carbine, the developer, also gives another way—C.R.E.D.D.


C.R.E.D.D. is actually an in-game item that can be redeemed for 30 days’ game play. It can be purchased 


either from the official website with real money or from the CX (Commodities Exchange) in-game with wildstar 


gold. The interesting part is if one is short of wildstar gold, he can buy C.R.E.D.D. with real money and 


sell it in CX for wildstar gold. And if one is full of time and energy, he can farm enough wildstar gold in 


the game for the C.R.E.D.D. This is a benign play-to-pay cycle.


It should be pointed out that wildstar gold, as the only currency in-game, is really hard to obtain. As far 


as we know, at the early level zones monsters are few, so the chances to loot get less. On the other hand, 


seldom does someone have so much time to farm wildstar gold all by himself for C.R.E.D.D. In this case, it 


is suggested that players should better buy wildstar gold. cheap wildstar gold is available at Hope it can help you 


improve your game experience.