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Ways to maximize your eso inventory size

buy cheap eso gold

Are you fond of looting everything in the elder scrolls online, even a single crate or barrel? If so, do you 
have problem lacking inventory space? Then it’s time you learned some effective ways to maximize your 
inventory size and improve your quality of life in Tamriel. But they are eso gold based, so get yourself 
enough ESO gold first.
Get familiar with Pack merchants to buy pack upgrades. Every character in eso has 60 defaulted inventory 
slots and it can be upgraded to 110. One upgrade increases the size by 10, and the price is different. For 
example, the first inventory upgrade to 70 slots costs 400 eso gold while the last upgrade to 110 costs 
19,200 eso gold.
Feed your mount to add carrying capacity. A mount, especially the draft horse, which has 10 capacity higher 
than any other, is worth feeding every 20 hours to add the carrying capacity by 1. Though it costs 42,700 
eso gold to but the mount and every feeding costs 250 eso gold, it is a good way to increase your inventory 
Make use of the bank space. Each account has a defaulted bank slots of 60, which can also upgraded to 240. 
The first upgrade costs 1000 eso gold, and the last one 85000—that’s a lot!
Take advantage of guild banks. Guild banks may not be as convenient as others casue it is limited to 
guildmaster. Only when you have create a guild by yourself and 9 other willing members can you get access to 
the guild bank.
Create mule characters. It can’t be possible that you have all your eso items in your shared bank at the 
same time, so you can put those cheap ESO items that will be used later in the mule characters.
Take advantage of the mail system in game. Send a mail with a bunch of eso items to one of your trusted 
friends then have him return the mail to you. This will provide you unlimited bag space. But pay attention 
the mails expire in 30 days. don’t let them disappear.
You see, there are so many ways to maximize your inventory size. But if you don’t have enough eso gold for 
that, come to to buy cheap ESO gold.