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The best weapon you can get for Wildstar

There are various weapons available for each class. Which one could be the best?
Warrior power sword and arm cannon: A power sword can smash through anything getting in the way. An arm 
cannon can be used to shoot, grapple,power-saw and water.
Spellslinger mag pistols and magic sigils: Dual pistols allow bullets shoot continuously and sigils can 
throw bad guys around, aim heals at their buddies, or blast things with fire and stuff.
Esper psy-blade and illusions: The psy blade is a bladed weapon to control minds. Illusions can attack minds 
too by unleashing powerful nightmare visions on their foes or beneficial dreams on their allies. 
Engineer launcher and bots: A launcher is to fire out experimental projectiles called an artillery strike. 
Bots can tank, DPS, CC and even heals. 
Stalker claws and high-tech gadgets: Claws are to chain lightning quick combos and position-based strikes. 
High-tech gadgets help keep targets within grasp. 
Medic resonators, stations and probes: Resonators allow to charge or channel powerful diagnostic fields 
that mend wounded allies or devastate healthy enemies, often simultaneously. Stations can strategically 
control the battlefield by leaving fixed zones for damage or healing. Probes can be attached to allies and 
enemies to heal, damage, buffs, or de-buffs.
While each class has their unique weapons, the best “weapon” for every class would be an online shop where 
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