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Reserve Your Guild And Player Name Now For Launch

wildstar character

Wildstar launch will be on June 3. Have you named your character yet? Have you ever thought about forming a guild and what is the name? Have you worried about your name will be in use before you can register? Well, you have a perk now. Carbine Studios allows all pre-order players reserve one guild name and one player name from now until May 23 at 11:59 am PDT. If you don’t want your name in use, register as early as possible!
For those who still haven’t got a pre-order, take action quickly. You can pre-order now and reserve a name.
Wildstar is said to be a very good mmo from every aspect: the world story that happens on the planet Nexus, the lively American cartoon images, the productive paths system, the creative housing system, the exciting dungeons and raids, the challenging adventures and warplots, the special business model C.R.E.D.D. All these elements tell us it’s worth playing. 
This game is so good that every player should enjoy it thoroughly. Then you need to have enough wildstar gold. In fact, finding a place to buy wildstar gold is an important step for the game too. This place should have abundant gold supply. The price should be cheap, and it should be reliable. Of course it’s much better if it can offer extra services and bonuses. Yes, it’s 
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