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Lockpicking strategies in the elder scrolls online

The ES series all have a lockpicking system but with different ways and strategies. Lockpicking, generally 
speaking, is really useful when you want to break into one’s house or open a treasure chest, where many 
cheap eso items or eso gold 
can be found. This system in eso is similar to what it is in Oblivion—a mini game, we can say: You have to 
“feel” the lock by watching the visual effects and listening to the sounds of pins or tumblers being 
forced up and falling down. Once you know which visuals/sounds to look out for, you can master the art of 
Also there are some general tips helping you out: Instantly click on the tumbler the very moment it begins to drastically shake. Carefully listen to the sounds made by the tumbler when you push it further. There is a special sound if it 
comes to the right place. Try several times (less than five) to figure out the right sound and right place. If you fail, you will 
break a lockpick. Lockpicks can be bought from town merchants. Don’t enter Tamriel with no lockpick. Anyway, they can be 
looted in the starter area in Coldharbor.
As you level up, you will come across chests that are difficult to open, thus mastering the above tips will 
help a lot. Lockpicking high level chests has a time limit. What’s worse, someone may take your opportunity 
away since there is no pausing the game for this MMO. So you have to keep a really keen eye on some cheeky 
fellow as well as the right place and special sound.
Good quality eso items and ESO gold will never be enough for a player. Hope you can unlock more chests and obtain excellent 
items. Or you can seek eso power leveling. Why? Craglorn is available! What are you still waiting for?