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How to get the top eso items

As many other massively multiplayer online role playing game, such as Diablo 3 and Torchlight, in the elder scrolls online, there is an item drop system, and the odds of drop is random. Meanwhile, the most powerful items keep changing their rate of showing up, which makes it hard to locate a target. Group work fits the system too, so you can also group for those items to make it more possible. No matter what, you need great patience to get the top eso items.
Many players may be suspicious to this kind of system, for its quite different from previous mmos, such as WoW, but it’s quite a success in Asheron’s Call. Let’s first discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the drop system. 
It’s worth a replay. Because the probability of a boss to drop legendary items is rare, players have enough excuses to do the same boss again and again. 
It inherits the old ES series. Weapons in Elder Scrolls fall randomly and in Skyrim, the level of the character decides the odds of weapon dropping.
It is good for trading in the game. Players would buy and sell different items because of a randomly dropping system, thus boosts a prosperous trading market.
It’s hard to get what one wants. Though it’s not impossible, it will cost much time and energy.
You will get many useless items. It might be more possible you get something you don’t even need.
As many of the top items are on the bosses in the raid area, and most of the time it’s hard to do it alone, you’d better do some group work. So to get top items, first do raids, and then do with a group, and do it again and again.
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