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Crafting skill upgrades in the elder scrolls online

Crafting in eso from level 1 to level 10 can be really easy. You just need to follow the basic steps and you will make your crafting items, except that you need a recipe first for provisioning and you have to find out the properties of alchemy reagents and runes, which add a little limitation and difficulty to those skills. But crafting is more than that. If you really want to be a more effective craftsman, there are a number of passive skill upgrades you have to buy with your skill points above level 15.
Take blacksmithing for instance. The passive abilities of blacksmithing are as follows: The Metalworking ability: to craft steel armor and weapons for level 16 to level 26. The Keen Eye ability: to make ore deposits easier to spot when you are near them. This can be really helpful when looking for materials. The Miner Hireling ability: to work as an "invisible NPC" and mail you crafting stuff every day. The Metal Extraction ability: to increase the chance of finding Honing Stones and other improvement items during refining and deconstruction. The Metallurgy ability: to affect research time and allow multiple simultaneous research projects. The Temper Expertise ability: to affect item improvement.
Pay attention that some of the passive abilities should be unlocked by gaining crafting levels, for example, one cannot learn the Metallurgy ability until reaching Rank 8 in Blacksmithing. The same as mastering your weapon, mastering crafting needs time and energy and you have to spend skill points rather than ESO gold. If you have difficulty, you can turn to ESO power leveling