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Craglorn launch on May 22

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Finally, here comes Craglorn. Eso official site post this announcement yesterday on May 21. It goes that the 
Update 1, including Craglorn, will hit the live servers starting tomorrow. At the same time, the servers 
will be offline. The maintenance will begin on Thursday, May 22 at 8 AM EDT for the North American 
megaserver and at 10 PM EDT for the European Megaserver. After the maintenance Update 1 will be available to 
The update this time includes the first adventure zone Craglorn, where there are new four-player quests and 
delves and more exploration, the first 12-player Trials, and a host of fixes and improvements. Players have 
been expecting it for a long time as there are leak-out information about the update about three weeks ago. 
Although many fixes have been done in the past weeks, these fixes and improvements in the new Update 1 are 
also what players are expecting.
This update is the first since the official release of the elder scrolls online and it comes right in 
accordance with the time Zenimax has promised—no much delay. It has been on PTS for about half a month, so 
we can hope a more smoothly eso since Zenimax really frustrated a lot in bugs and sure they have learned 
some lessons.
The Update means more challenges and better ESO items. Turn to for some if needed.


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