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ESO Mounts Introduction

Mounts are more than a useful way to get from one place to another in mmos—they can also be the status
symbol. But in the elder scrolls online, at least at this stage, there is not a large selection of flashy
mounts, but a unique progression system. You can purchase a mount at level 1 and then level it up all the
way to level 50 by feeding them every 20 hours. This introduction includes the available mounts in game and
their attributes.
Available mounts in eso Mount Speed Stamina Carrying Cost Obtained from Common Hourse 15% 10 0 17,200g Stablemaster Draft Hourse 15% 10 10 42,700g Stablemaster Gaited Hourse 15% 20 0 42,700 g Stablemaster Imperial Hourse 15% 10 0 1g (CE only) Stablemaster Light Hourse 25% 10 0 42,700g Stablemaster Palomilo Hourse 15% 10 0 $14.99 / €11.99 ESO store Since there are no possible mount drops from bosses in the game, most of the mounts should be obtained with
ESO gold. The Palomilo
Horse is paid with real money and the Imperial Horse is given by the Imperial Edition of eso. A player can
have more than one mount, but only one is active, and the others should be kept in a stable which can be
bought with eso gold.
Mount attributes Speed Speed is what makes the mount move. The greater the speed is, the faster the horse will move in the game. If
the distance is huge, you’d better add more attribute points (49 in total) to speed, or you may forced to
spend a lot of time travelling. Speed can also be increased by feeding the mount apples. Every time you feed
the mount, it costs you 250 cheap ESO gold.
Stamina Stamina determines how long the mount can run. Feeding your mount Hay will increase its stamina, allowing it
to sprint longer and take more hits before becoming dismounted and each time costs 250 gold.
Capacity This may be the most interesting horse attribute in eso. It increases the max bag space. Feeding your mount
Oats will increase its carrying capacity and each time 250 gold too.


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