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Adventures vs Dungeons in Wildstar


What make Wildstar attractive? Well, I think, most players awes it to the raids, the dungeons, the warplots, 
the paths system, the housing system or even customization. In fact, all those are the features of this 
magnificent game, and you may also read from many news about the adventures in Wildstar. What is that? Is it 
the same with adventuring in dungeons?

 In Wildstar, adventures and dungeons are different but they have similarities.
A dungeon is focused on combat. It has its lore and is a linear environment. To fight tough bosses, you may 
need some combat mechanics and tactics and strategies. You will get matched rewards according to what type 
of bosses you are fighting. While an adventure is much open. Although there is plenty of combat, it is not 
the focus. And you will not have an epic boss encounter, but a pile of enemies. You will never find what 
gameplay mechanics you will need from your normal leveling experience.

All you have to do is adventuring and 
find out the unknown.
It is true you will get a wide range of loot for your efforts ( title="cheap wildstar gold">wildstar gold of course), whether from a dungeon or an 
adventure. In an adventure, you will get gear, housing items, crafting recipes and many others, but those 
you get in normal adventures will be great for leveling (you can begin an adventure at level 15), while in 
the veteran adventures, you will get gear that help you more in raiding.
Sounds really interesting! Open Beta is available now and allows you reach level 30. Have you applied for a 
code? Anyway, the official release will be on June 3. Soon we will set about with it. I’m looking forward 
to try everything in Wildstar!More information,please click



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