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Choose the race you like in Wildstar and make more wildstar gold

Wildstar is coming. We know there are eight races split fairly into two factions: the Dominion and the Exiles. Each race has got their unique figures, tall or short, pretty or horrible. Each race has their exclusive talents too. When we choose a race, we mainly choose from the two aspects: talents and look. And the classes it can be should be taken into account too.
Faction: the Dominion
Talents: wealthy, disciplined, superior
Classes: warrior, stalker, spellslinger, esper, engineer, medic
Faction: the Dominion
Talents: calculating, efficient, remorseless
Classes: warrior, stalker, engineer, medic
Faction: the Dominion
Talents: badass, savage, bloodthirsty
Classes: warrior, stalker, spellslinger
Faction: the Dominion
Talents: tiny, brilliant, sociopathic
Classes: spellslinger, esper, engineer, medic
Faction: the Exiles
Talents: outcasts, renegades, scruffy
Classes: warrior, stalker, spellslinger, esper, engineer, medic
Faction: the Exiles
Talents: rock-skinned, fearless, hung over
Classes: warrior, engineer, medic
Faction: the Exiles
Talents: small, scrappy, tree-hugging
Classes: stalker, spellslinger, esper
Faction: the Exiles
Talents: intellectual, morose, decomposing
Classes: warrior, stalker, spellslinger, engineer, medic
Now that you know each race, you must have an idea which one you will choose. Think over it because you can’t change your race once the game is launched. Hope you can make enough wildstar gold in the game to buy the best gear. If you don’t have much time, you can buy cheap ws gold from