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Buy eso gold and eso items to prepare for the menace of the undead

There is an interesting part in the elder scrolls online that the undead vampire seems to be very popular. Players would like a bite from a vampire or someone who has been infected by the vampire virus, and thus they can get a special skill line to make them stronger in the game.
Except the vampires, the popular ones, there are many other undead menaces that may cause terror among players. According to the lore books, Tamriel’s undead have been in an archive so that players can get to know them better and avoid encountering them. Here is a list of the undead in the Tamriel continent.
The Reanimated—an enslaved spirit instilled into a corpse or construct of bodies, often appears in poorly-kept graveyards and hidden caves or ruins.
The Returned—refers to ghosts, wraiths, and specters which are summoned back.
The Accursed—the living who are cursed.
Abominable Miscegenations—those undead without simple classification, such as the lich, which is a corpse that is self-reanimated by the soul it bore in life.
These undead threats are products of a kind of vile art—necromancy, which is the foulest magical endeavors of all. Common folk should try to avoid those things, and since it is some kind of dark power, there is definitely no benefit in exploring those detestable magics. Try to get away from them. And if you come across some, report them and get prepared to conquer them and more eso gold and better eso items help you solve the problem more efficiently.